Keyboard shortcuts


(Note: the plus sign indicates pressing both keys down together)

Alt+Q – This will access the Help (‘Tell me what you want to do’) screen at the top of the Word window. Type in ‘paragraph settings’ to open the options window. Use the arrow keys to navigate around the options. Note that this key combination will access all the Help list; just type in what you want to know.


Ctrl+E – Just click anywhere in a paragraph or highlight relevant paragraphs, and this will centre the entire paragraph(s). Repeat to switch back to the previous paragraph alignment.

Ctrl+RRight aligns the paragraph (right margin text is flush to right margin). Repeat to switch back to previous alignment.

Ctrl+LLeft aligns the paragraph (left margin flush and right text ragged or not flush). Repeat to switch back to previous alignment.

Ctrl+J – Justifies to both margins (text will align evenly to both margins). This may create larger spaces between some words in each line.


Ctrl+M – Indent whole paragraph or highlighted section. Repeat to increase the indent. Press Ctrl+Shift+M to reverse the indent or decrease it. (You can also press Ctrl+Z to undo any last action).

Ctrl+T – Create a hanging indent (all lines except the first line will be indented). Press Ctrl+Shift+T to remove the hanging indent.


Ctrl+1 – Single line spacing.

Ctrl+2 – Double line spacing.

Ctrl+5 – 1.5-line spacing.

Ctrl+0 – Add or remove one line spacing preceding a paragraph.


Home – Alt+H (Clipboard, fonts, paragraph, styles, editing)

Design – Alt+G (Themes, colours, page background)

Mailings – Alt+M (envelopes, labels, mail merge, write and insert fields)

Insert – Alt+N (page break, tables, pictures, SmartArt, Wikipedia, media, links, comments, header and footer, text box, symbols)

Layout – Alt+P (page setup, paragraph; arrange, align, group text and picture boxes)

Review – Alt+R (spelling and grammar, word count, language, comments review, tracking, compare documents)

References – Alt+S (TOC, footnotes, research, citations and bibliography, captions, index, table of authorities)

View – Alt+W (read, print, web, outline and draft views, show ruler, gridlines, navigation pane; zoom, macros and window arrangements)