Styles and Editing sections


The above section of the ribbon displays the styles you can apply to text. These can be modified and changed by right clicking on each one, for example, Heading 1 style, which brings up a pop-up menu to allow you to change the font, size, spacing etc. The desired style can be applied to any selected text simply by clicking on it. You can try out various heading styles by clicking on each one in turn while a text is selected. You can return to the original format by clicking the Normal style for body text or pressing Ctrl+Z to undo your last action. The arrow to the right of the styles window gives you a drop-down menu for more style options.


The last section on the far right is the Editing pane. You will see that it has buttons with drop down options for Find, Replace, and Select. The Find button has options for Advanced Find and Go To.

Find (shortcut Ctrl+F) allows you to find a word, phrase or punctuation anywhere in the document. The Advanced Find gives you more options to find a word, such as matching the case of the word (if it has capitals and lower case) or even asking it to find a word that sounds like the word you want. Therefore, if you don’t know the spelling, you can do a search for the word from its sound (phonetics). In earlier versions of Word, the Find command will bring up a separate pop-up window that also includes tabs for Replace and Go To. In Word 2016, the Find command brings up the Navigation pane on the left side with the facility to search. Results are shown as a list going down the pane, allowing you to click on any one to take you to the specific result on the page indicated.

Go To gives you several options that allow you to go to a specific page, section, line, bookmark, comment, endnote, field, table, object, equation, and heading.

Select has options to select everything in the document (Ctrl+A), only objects, or all text with similar formatting. You can also open the Selection pane to show only objects that you have selected. Objects are files such as pdfs and Excel spreadsheets that you can embed in the document.

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