Home Tab — Clipboard

This is the main tab visible when you open Word. Directly under the tab title are the Commands for CUT, COPY, PASTE and FORMAT PAINTER. Except for Format Painter, they will be dimmed and cannot be accessed until you select some text, then you can perform an action. The ‘cut’ action is used when you want to move text from one position to another either in the same document or between documents. The ‘copy’ action is used if you want to retain the text in its position but copy the highlighted text to another document or in the same document.  Whether you cut or copy, you will need to ‘paste’ it to the new position using the ‘paste’ action, just like when you physically cut and pasted text on paper. All these three actions have shortcut key strokes that can be pressed together instead of clicking on the ribbon. ‘Cut’ is performed by pressing Ctrl (Control) plus the ‘x’ keys together while the text is highlighted. ‘Copy’ is Ctrl plus ‘c’, and ‘paste’ is Ctrl plus ‘v’.

The Format Painter is self-explanatory when you click on it. It uses the formats in a highlighted section to apply to another section. I would probably only use this if I wanted to apply several different formats to a document rather than the same format throughout.

These actions are in a section of the Home ribbon marked as ‘Clipboard’. A small oblique downward arrow (launcher) to the right of the Clipboard section allows you to click on it and see what is in the clipboard. The clipboard is any text you have highlighted and copied or cut. If you have copied/cut several items of text/illustrations without pasting after each one, you can click on the Clipboard ‘launcher’ to show all the copied items, and you can then choose to paste any one or all of them. The following screenshot shows the Clipboard pane as it appears after clicking on its launcher.


In this screenshot, the Clipboard pane appears to the right of the Navigation pane that I already have open. Either or both can be open or closed.

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