Paragraph section


The Paragraph section has actions you can take affecting a block of text (such as a paragraph). Starting from the top left are the buttons (with menu options) for bullet points (bullet design), numbered bullets, and a multilevel list. Then there are the two icons for decreasing or increasing the indent of a block of text. The AZ button allows you to put a selection in alphabetical or numerical order. This would be used for lists that need to be put into an order, such as a glossary. The ¶ (pilcrow) icon will show all the normally invisible actions you take such as returns and tabs. Try clicking on it and you will see. Click on it again to turn it off.

The lower row of icons are the justification buttons to apply left justified (even text to the left margin), centred text, right justified, and justified to both margins. The arrow up and down icon with drop down options allows you to adjust the spacing of the lines from single up to triple spacing. The little tipping bucket icon will allow you to choose a colour to highlight a paragraph (where your cursor is placed). Shortcuts for the justification options are: left – Ctrl+L; right – Ctrl+R; both margins even – Ctrl+J.

The final square icon with menu allows you to place borders around paragraphs. There are also options for page borders.

All the paragraph settings for indents and spacing, and line and page breaks are also accessed by left clicking on the small oblique arrow at the bottom right of the section. A screenshot of the pop-up menu is shown below. Here you can add spacing before and/or after paragraphs, include a hanging or first line indent plus several other fine tuning adjustments. This paragraph has a first line indent as an example. A hanging indent means that the first line ‘hangs’ over the other lines in the paragraph because the other lines are all indented from the left margin.


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