All the aspects of the font are under the second section under the Home tab. A drop-down menu shows what font is applied and the size of the text. The text I am using for the body copy here is Times New Roman, 12pt. A large and a small letter ‘A’ are to the right of the font menu window. These allow you to increase or decrease the point size in increments of two. However, if you want an odd size, you can select the text size and type in any size you want. The ‘Aa’ at the right side is to change the case to all capitals (uppercase), lowercase, sentence case (caps first letter in first word), capitalise each word (title case), or toggle case (change capitals into lower case and lower case into capitals). The shortcut key combination for all these is to press the Shift key plus F3 on your keyboard repeatedly until you have the desired result. This process is called toggling. Underneath the font menu window are the buttons for bold (B), italics (I), and underline (U) which also has a drop-down arrow (menu) beside it for various underline patterns. Then there is strike through the selected text (abc), subscript (x2), and superscript (x2). You can create various text effects with the blue outlined ‘A’ to the right of these options through its drop-down menu. Beside this is the text highlight option button with its drop-down menu for different colour highlights. It will show the colour that will be applied in the strip below it. The last button with its drop-down colour menu will determine the colour of the text itself. A ‘Clear All Formatting’ button is on the top right. This button will remove formats such as bold and italics without changing the font type. The launcher for the Font section will allow you to make several changes to a selected text but is no faster than using the buttons. Shortcut keys for bold and italics are Ctrl+B and Ctrl+I respectively.

View the video on the Clipboard and Font sections here:

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