Tips on using MS Word

I recently helped out a senior friend who was having trouble with formatting her poetry in a number of documents that she had created in Microsoft Word. She had copied some of her own poetry from a website that she contributed to, and that was the major cause of much angst on her part. It also caused me some consternation until I realised that she had copied from a website, and inadvertently brought in elements that forced whole sections of poetry to lump together and defy any effort to divide it into neat separate pages. The page break tool would not insert a page break, but instead sent me back to before the section I was working on. The answer was to create a fresh document and ensure only the text was copied over and not all the elements from the website. I also noticed that my friend had put in numerous tabs and spaces to align her text where she wanted it. Multiple returns were also used to push text onto the next page rather than using page breaks.

These are among the common things that people struggle with using MS Word and similar word-processing software. I showed her some of the simple things you can do with MS Word that will make life a whole lot easier, and thought that I could create some tutorials on YouTube to help others tackle the mysteries of this software.

Therefore, I invested in some screen recording software and have already made three tutorials in what I plan will be a series. The links for you to watch them are as follows: