Aluminium vs Aluminum

The English language is perhaps  one of the most contradictory and changeable languages in the world, and a test on any non-English speaking person who must learn to write and speak it. English has its roots in a multitude of languages, including Germanic, French, Latin and Greek among them. It is an evolving language that has turned  out differently in its birthplace England to America and Australia.

Australia still tries to cling to the traditional form but is quickly losing out to the cultural domination of America. It may be seen as a bad thing, but it is neither good nor bad. It is simply the process of its evolution. Who today can decipher the English that is  presented in the fabled story of Beowulf, which retains the strong Germanic influences then.

Through this blog I will explore aspects from cultural influences through to spelling and grammar, and I hope to pass on some things I know as an editor and writer. I hope that it will serve to help other writers to hone their craft and for us all to share our marvelous world of words. If you enjoy my blog, pass it on to others.

Let us begin on our literary journey!

Paul Vander Loos

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